Start Your New Year Off Right with New 2018 Coins from APMEX

Precious Metals collectors and investors will want to get a jump on 2018 acquisitions and start the new year off right with some of the most exciting 2018 coins APMEX has to offer. There are many thrilling additions to familiar series as well as wholly new pieces that may speak to your collector’s heart.

The Year of the Dog

2018 marks the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac. There will be new additions to several Lunar Series you may need to continue your goal of completing a respected series. For example, if you have been working to build a complete Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 2, you will be interested to see the gorgeous new 2018 Australia 1 oz Gold Lunar Dog. It features a friendly-looking Labrador Retriever as an emblem of the Year of the Dog. Of course, the Perth Mint’s Gold Lunar Series is just one of many beloved lunar series. We also offer stunning 2018 Year of the Dog series pieces from Canada, like this 2018 Canada 1 oz Proof Silver $15 Lunar Year of the Dog, as well as this 2018 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Year of the Dog. We are also excited about the new French series from Monnaie de Paris. The first in a planned Lunar Series, their 2018 France Silver Year of the Dog High Relief Proof coin features a high-relief design showcasing a majestic Chow Chow. We believe this series will take a well-deserved place among the great Lunar Series.

Yearly Acquisitions: Eagles, Maple Leafs and Britannias 

If you are primarily a Precious Metals investor rather than a collector, this is the time of year you likely take care of yearly acquisitions. APMEX is ready and waiting with all the standard Precious Metal investment items you want. We offer the absolute must-have 2018 1 oz Gold American Eagle (MintDirect® Premier Single). This format ensures the best protection and security for your coin, ensuring not only its authenticity but also its pristine finish. The MintDirect® process is also a selling point for other popular coins you will surely want for 2018, such as the iconically beautiful 2018 Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf (MintDirect® Premier Single) and the globally respected 2018 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Britannia (MintDirect® Single). Of course, all these coins are available in Silver iterations as well and APMEX also carries past years if you seem to have missed out on a mintage.

Start your new year off right by maintaining your coin collection or your investment planning. We have all of the collectible and Precious Metals investment pieces you could want and are happy to help you have a bright New Year.

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