Taking the Precious Metal Plunge

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There are two common points at which a collector or investor may feel hesitation about making their first Precious Metals purchase. The first is making an initial purchase to get started in Precious Metals. The second is committing to their first truly substantial purchase. It can be unsettling to some to spend hard-earned money on a new venture, or to make a large investment for the first time. However, APMEX is here to guide you in overcoming any misgivings about getting started or getting serious in Precious Metals collecting and investing.

Perhaps you have been following message boards and browsing APMEX for some time without buying so much as a Copper round. We can help you overcome that initial hesitation and get you started down the satisfying lifelong path of Precious Metals collecting or investing.

  • Know Your Intentions – Do you wish to collect or invest – or possibly both? Are you interested in purchasing novelty items for pleasure or do you want to build physical wealth? Deciding your intentions for purchasing Silver and Gold is a good place to start the process.
  • Start Small – APMEX is proud to offer beautiful, high-quality items at many price points. If you are interested in Gold, you may feel that getting started is simply too expensive. But APMEX truly has something for everyone. You can become the proud owner of a gorgeous PAMP Suisse 1 gram Lady Fortuna Gold Bar, in assay and featuring Veriscan® technology.
  • Choose Something Personal – Start with an item that piques your passion and speaks to who you are. A Disney collector might feel that a Niue Steamboat Willie coin is the perfect first-time purchase, while a person enthralled with pirate lore may prefer a fascinating pirate-themed Silver Beginning with an item you will be thrilled to own will quell any anxiety you may feel about spending resources on a new pursuit.

Perhaps, though, you are an experienced collector or investor but taking a big step into major purchases is proving difficult for you. We can help you prepare yourself for this new stage of your collecting or investing adventure.

  • Purchase Large – To ease yourself into a substantial purchase, consider buying something big, but at a lower price point. You can procure a 100 oz Copper bar for a tiny fraction of the cost for a similarly sized Gold bar. It may help you understand your feelings about purchasing large pieces.
  • Work Your Way Up – Because of APMEX’s enormous inventory, you can work your way up at any pace you like. There are many products between one gram and one kilo, so size up at a rate that feels good to you.
  • Step Up with Familiar Products – Think of the item in your collection or investment portfolio that brings you the greatest satisfaction. Is that item available in a larger size? That might be the right item for you.

Naturally, you want to make sound decisions and feel good about your choices. At APMEX, we are determined to help you find pleasure and satisfaction in Precious Metal acquisition. All you need to do is take the plunge.

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