The 2019 Swans have Landed at APMEX

2019 Silver and Gold Swan

Produced in limited quantities by The Perth Mint, the beloved series continues its evolving design featuring the mint’s iconic logo. This anticipated third release of the successful Swan Series is now available in Silver and Gold at APMEX.

The Perth Mint is one of the most popular mints around the world and each coin they release sells extremely well. APMEX worked with The Perth Mint, putting their creative minds together to offer the market a unique series that brings the mint’s iconic logo to life.

This latest releases expand the swan family by showcasing a swan and cygnet, the name for a young swan, with a second adult swan in the background. As with each prior release, these 2019 Swan coins have limited mintages. The 1 oz Silver Swans are produced with a mintage of 25,000 coins, while there are just 5,000 of each .9999 fine Gold Swan coins. The high purities and low mintages mean Perth Mint Swan coins are ideal for investors and collectors alike.

In April 2017, the first Silver Swan design was introduced, featuring an elegant swimming swan. The ripples in the water run underneath the legend of the coin and can be seen up to the rim. This 1 oz Silver coin sold out in less than two days and was quickly followed by 1 oz Proof Silver and 1 oz Gold versions featuring the same design.

The second release showcased an adult swan with a cygnet on the surface of the water. As with the first release, this design featured an effect of rippling waters, giving the coin a lifelike quality. This coin was again offered in three sizes and finishes, but a special 3-coin set was added, housing all three 2018 Swan coins in a custom wooden presentation box.

Shop the full Swan Series today, exclusively at APMEX, and pick up this latest release to see what people have been talking about for the last two years.

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