The Barbados Seahorse Coins Return – Exclusively at APMEX

2019 Barbados Seahorse Coins at APMEX

For the second year in a row, the island country of Barbados has issued a spectacular series of coins celebrating one of the most unique fish in the ocean – the seahorse.

Found across the Pacific, Atlantic and even the Mediterranean Sea, the seahorse is easily recognized and well-known for being among the only species on earth in which the male bears the unborn young. Fittingly, these 2019 Caribbean Seahorse coins display an adult seahorse along with a baby in front of various images of ocean life.

After an extremely successful 2018 Silver Seahorse coin, which is currently sold out, the 2019 series introduces a 1 oz Gold coin. Both the Silver and Gold coins have very limited mintages, with just 10,000 Silver coins and only 100 Gold coins being produced.

In addition to the low mintages, these 2019 coins are available exclusively at APMEX and can be found as PCGS certified, MintDirect® Premier or, of course, raw singles.

Whether you are a sea lover, an animal lover or just someone who is interested in low-mintage Silver and Gold coins, these 2019 Barbados Caribbean Seahorses offer something for everyone. Add them to your cart today before the small mintages sell out.

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