The Best Coins for a Beginning Coin Collector Might Surprise You

coins for beginning coin collectors

If you have done preliminary research and understand terms such as “spot,” “premium” and “spread,” you are probably at the point of wondering, what is the best coin for a beginner? Which coin should you buy to build your collection? There is no wrong answer, although naturally there are some choices that are better than others. Please allow us to guide you as you take your first steps on a journey into collectible numismatics coins.

Coins for Beginning Collectors

The Morgan Dollar is special among U.S. coins, as it marks the first time Lady Liberty was illustrated in an American style, rather than the more traditional Greek depiction. Her cap, adorned with wheat and cotton, is a symbol of America's strong agricultural history. 

The Peace Dollar was produced after the Morgan Dollar and was the last U.S. Silver dollar coin minted for general circulation. Many Morgan Dollars were sold to the British and melted down to support the war effort during World War I. Peace Dollars were designed to be emblematic of the hard-won peace after WWI; an early design including a broken sword was scrapped because people felt it symbolized defeat.

Since 1986, the American Silver Eagle has been America’s only official investment-grade Silver bullion coin. It is generally considered one of the most beautiful U.S. coins ever produced. The American Silver Eagle is also the world’s only 1 oz Silver bullion coin guaranteed by the government of the United States. This fact alone makes it very special.

These coins all would make a great entry point into collectibles. Their history, beauty and easily-recognized artwork make them an accessible first step in coin collecting for beginners.

Coins for Beginning Collectors Available at Modest Price Points

The U.S. Lincoln Cent has borne the same obverse artwork since its creation in 1909, placing it among the longest-running coin types in both U.S. and world coinage history.

Mercury Dimes are a United States ten-cent piece minted from 1916 to 1945. They bear an exceptionally attractive image of Liberty wearing a winged Phrygian cap, designed by Adolph Weinman. Originally, the figure on the Mercury Dime was thought to be the Roman god Mercury, hence the coin’s misnomer. 

For those newly interested in Precious Metals or beginning collectors, these coin selections make taking that first step particularly painless. These items offer value as well as beauty, all at a possible a low cost, so a beginning coin collector can see how it feels to hold history in their hand at minimal financial risk. We are sure it will become a favorite sensation!

It is easy to see the coins we suggest for beginning coin collectors offer a great deal of beauty and history at possible low risk or cost to someone just venturing into numismatics. With a bit of education and only a modest outlay, a beginner can experience the all joys of coin collecting. Let APMEX be your guide.

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