The Iconic 2018 Gold Libertads are Now Available to Pre-Order at APMEX

2018 Gold libertads

Hold history, art and wealth in the palm of your hand with the highly sought after 2018 Gold Libertads. These beautiful Gold coins are produced by Banco de México and are available to pre-order now at APMEX.

The Gold Libertad is one of the most recognizable coins in the world. This coin has many unique qualities including its representation of history, breathtaking illustrations and limited mintage. The Gold Libertad is the only Gold coin in the world issued devoid of a face value, yet is still accepted as currency and guaranteed by Banco de México. Its designs on both the obverse and reverse are a representation of a legendary story in Mexican history.

A warrior named Popocatépetl fell in love with the beautiful princess Iztaccíhuatl and earned a marriage blessing from the king on the condition that he win a battle against a rival tribe. As the battle delayed the warrior, a rival suitor started a rumor that Popocatépetl had been killed in the battle and the maiden died of a broken heart. After returning victorious from battle, Popocatépetl found his lover and buried her on top of a mountain range that assumed the shape of a sleeping woman. Grief-stricken, Popocatépetl climbed an adjacent mountain in order to keep eternal watch over his beloved. Today, the depiction of the volcanoes on these Libertad Mexican coins tells the lovers' story.

The 1 oz Gold Libertad reverse depicts two important symbols of the Mexican people: the Angel of Independence and the Mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. On the forefront of the Gold coin, the Winged Victory angel is a historic monument for the Mexican people and is considered the symbol of Mexico City. The Mexican volcanoes pictured in the background memorialize the legend of the two lovers from whom they were named.

The obverse of these Gold coins features the national shield surrounded by the different national coat of arms used throughout the country’s history. The Gold Libertad comes in a range of sizes from 1/20 oz to 1 oz, all containing.999 fine Gold. You will also find the 1 oz Gold Libertad MS-70 PCGS in the APMEXclusive® Green Label holder.

You can pre-order the latest Gold Mexican Libertad release now at APMEX and bring this timeless story home to your numismatic collection or investment portfolio.

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