The Justice League™ Returns to APMEX

Justice League 2018 Gold & Silver Coins

In 2011, the Justice League saw a reboot from its 1960 original. The team includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash, who are arguably among the most popular superheroes from the DC Universe. Together, though, they form an unprecedented league of metahumans.

DC Comics artist and Canadian native Jason Fabok designed a series of Justice League movie collector coins in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins depict the Justice League characters inspired by the live-action movie. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman and Superman appear in pairs on 1 oz Silver coins. All six characters appear together on a 2 oz Silver coin, while Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman appear on the 1/4 oz Gold coin.

This highly anticipated six-coin series will go on sale at the Central Canada Comic Con on October 27. Canadian Brad Anderson, DC Comics colorist, has re-created the iconic colors of each costume, bringing these beloved comic book character to life.

These coins encompass a large genre in the field of collectibles. Coin collectors, DC Comics collectors and collectors of individual comic book characters will delight in the many options available in this set.

Get in on the action early as this series is expected to sell out quickly! Shop the entire Justice League series now at APMEX.

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