The Latest Flying Queen’s Beast Lands at APMEX

The Queen's Beasts Falcon Coin

The Falcon of the Plantagenets is the sixth release of the highly treasured Queen’s Beasts 10-coin series and is available to pre-order now at APMEX! The series, launched in 2016 by The Royal Mint, honors each Queen’s Beast and its extensive history. The Falcon descended to Queen Elizabeth II through King Edward IV. The beast’s shield depicts a falcon in a slightly open fetterlock to represent the king’s struggle to obtain the throne.

When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953, 10 heraldic beasts stood guard outside the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. These statues, each standing six-feet tall, depict the genealogy of The Queen and symbolize her various royal ancestors. 

The obverse of this release features the famous falcon clawing his shield with an open fetterlock representing Edward IV obtaining his throne. Available in a range of sizes and in both .9999 fine Gold and .9999 fine Silver, this inspired series includes beasts such as the Lion of England, the Red Dragon of Wales, the Griffin of Edward II and the Unicorn of Scotland.

Shop the entire Queen’s Beasts series and pre-order these new releases now at APMEX!

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