The latest release of African Wildlife is spotted at APMEX

2018 Silver and Gold Leopard

The Somalia African Wildlife series, which has brought you the popular Somalia Elephant since 2004, has expanded to include the strong and stealthy leopard. This North American APMEXclusive® has a limited mintage worldwide and is now available for pre-sale.

Leopards are widely present in sub-Sahara Africa and parts of Asia, but are vulnerable to extinction in many regions across the globe. They are well-known for their spotted fur and ability to run at high speeds to hunt various sizes of animals. A leopard’s color varies by climate and habitat. Their rosettes, or rose-like markings, are unique to each individual leopard.

The Somalia African Leopard has a limited mintage of 30,000 Silver and 1,000 Gold coins available worldwide. These APMEXclusive® coins feature a full image of a leopard looking back over his left shoulder with a background of a rocky landscape. The obverse displays the Somalian Coat of Arms and the date along with the face value.

The African Wildlife series is produced by Das Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt, or the Bavarian State Mint.  The Bavarian Mint has a phenomenal reputation for producing high-quality collector coins, medals and seals since 1158, and is the oldest company in Munich, Germany.

Collectors around the world can expect an excellent product when they purchase this 2018 Somalia African Leopard coin. Shop the entire African Wildlife series and pre-order this first-ever addition now at APMEX!

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