The Latest of the Queen’s Beasts has Rumbled In at APMEX

Queen's Beasts Black Bull of Clarence

The newest release in the ever-popular Royal Mint Queen’s Beasts series is now available to pre-order! The fifth design in the series of 10 is the Black Bull of Clarence. This particular beast descended to Queen Elizabeth II through King Edward IV. The shield shown in the design is the Royal Coat of Arms that King Edward and his brother Richard III, as well as the Lancaster and Tudor Sovereign Houses.

Each Queen’s Beasts design has been unique in its own way, much like their history. The inaugural release of this series, the Lion of England, has been one of the supporters of the Royal Arms since the reign of King Edward IV in 1461. That first Queen’s Beasts issue features the lion supporting a shield showing the Arms of the United Kingdom since Queen Victoria’s accession in 1837. The other releases include the Red Dragon of Wales, the Griffin of Edward II and the Unicorn of Scotland.

These beasts were originally on display at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation outside the western annex of Westminster Abbey because of the long processions before the service. Each statue was displayed along the hall with the exception of The Lion of England, which was placed in the alcove entrance used by the Queen to enter the Abbey. These statues are now cared for at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau.

The obverse of this release features the famous bull and horns, and bears a shield before him representing Edward IV reign. The three releases include the 1/4 oz Gold, 2 oz Silver and 1 oz Gold.

Shop the entire Queen’s Beasts series and pre-order these new releases now at APMEX!

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