The Silver Australian Koala Series Continues with 2019 Release

Perth Mint Silver Koalas 2019

The Perth Mint continues to feature a .9999 fine purity on its popular Koala coin for the second year in a row. The 2019 release is sure to continue the Australian Koala series’ rich tradition and is available now at APMEX.

In 2007, the Perth Mint introduced the Silver Koala series, with the Gold Koalas following in 2008. The Koala design changes annually to honor this animal that is strongly associated with Australia. The latest release depicts a koala occupying a tree branch with its fur and sharp claws finely detailed. Each 2019 coin also features its weight and .9999 fine purity. The obverse features a new Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Often referred to as “koala bears,” these beautiful animals are actually marsupials like kangaroos and wombats. Koalas have special physical characteristics that complement their tree-dwelling lifestyle. They're able to grip branches and pick eucalyptus leaves with their two opposable digits, and their tough skin and sharp claws provide traction in climbing.

Australian Silver Koala coins are produced in both 1 oz and 1 kilogram size, with the mintage of the 1 oz size capped at just 300,000 coins. This makes the Australian Silver Koala one of the most collectible bullion series.

Find the new 2019 Silver Australian Koala release or shop the entire series now at APMEX.

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