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Numismatics collecting leaves a great deal of room for interpretation. This is a hobby where you can follow your passion to the ends of the earth if you wish, and have the resources to do so. Numismatic purists can chase the big “gets” for a lifetime, while casual coin collectors can acquire astoundingly diverse items for far less financial outlay. It is amazing what these popular hobbies can encompass and we are going to look at some of the most expensive and most beautiful items numismatists and coin enthusiasts might acquire.

The Most Expensive Collectible Coins

Numismatic purists may pursue truly special and highly sought-after pieces for decades. Further, numismatic collectible coins are especially fascinating because, like fine art, when it comes to budget the sky truly is the limit. The most expensive coins ever purchased at auction are as follows:

  1. 1343 Edward III Florin--$6.8 million
  2. 1787 Brasher Doubloon--$7.4 million
  3. 1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle--$7.6 million
  4. 1933 Double Eagle--$7.6 million
  5. 1794/5 Flowing Hair Silver/copper dollar--$10 million

As you can see, a stratospheric budget allows serious numismatists to acquire the stuff of legends. There are not many coins at this astronomical level of collecting, but they do exist and they are very exciting!

The Most Beautiful Coins Online

Beauty is subjective. Each time you think you’ve discovered the most beautiful coin in the world, another comes along that rivals its loveliness. Coin art is vastly underrated by laypeople, but coin enthusiasts know how many gorgeous pieces are on the market. The fact is, there are so many exquisite coins in the world, both in circulating currency and in bullion programs, that making a comprehensive list is utterly impossible. However, it is worth it to try. Only by sharing the coins we each especially admire can we help other coin enthusiasts discover new items and revise their own internal lists of the most beautiful coins on the market. Here are some exceptionally stunning coins from around the world, in no particular order:

  1. 2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan—This contemporary coin, the first of a new series, featuring an elegant swan sold out worldwide in less than two days and has become extremely difficult to procure.
  2. 2015 1 oz Proof Gold €200 Excellence Series (Sèvres)—This is another contemporary piece that boasts classic, delicate motifs as well as a Sèvres porcelain inset.
  3. 2015 5 oz Silver ATB Homestead National Park, NE—This U.S. commemorative coin features a purely American scene of wholesome beauty sure to make every American proud of our National Park system.
  4. 2009 Mexico 1 oz Gold Libertad—This coin has always been considered among the loveliest in production, and everyone who has ever had the privilege of holding one in their hand will agree.
  5. 2016 Canada 1 oz Proof Gold $200 Diwali Festival of Lights—This less well-known coin features a truly gorgeous design by Canadian artist Meera Sethi.

Both serious numismatists and casual coin enthusiasts can have fun learning about the intriguing items other collectors have admired and acquired. Peruse the huge inventory at APMEX to see what you especially like!

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