Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Silver American Eagle

Selecting the perfect gift for a loved one’s major milestone like a high school or college graduation can be a challenging process. You naturally want to present the special young person in your life with something that is appropriate and conveys your excitement. You also want to make sure it will last them a lifetime. Perhaps you even want to spark their interest in their own financial future. APMEX, as always, has you covered when it comes to perfect graduation gifts. Here are our top 10 gift ideas for this year’s graduating class!

  1. Silver Maple Leaf—The Silver Maple Leaf is a beautiful, iconic coin brought to us by the Royal Canadian Mint. It is beloved by collectors and valued by investors worldwide. A Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a sensible Silver investment and may open an avenue to Precious Metals investment for your graduate. Of course, selecting a 2017 Maple Leaf also makes this gift a perfect commemoration of a milestone like graduation!
  1. Silver Proof Sets—A Silver Proof Set is a great way to get your graduate started with a coin collection or investment opportunity. APMEX’s wide selection of 2017 Silver Proof sets allows you to select the perfect item for the special person in your life. If you are looking for something classic, the 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set may be your ideal gift. We also have items as diverse as the 2017 Australia 3-Coin Silver Lunar Rooster Proof Set and the 2017 Somalia 4-Coin Silver African Elephant Proof Prestige Set, so you can honor your graduate’s accomplishment in a way that speaks to their interests!
  1. Queen’s Beasts Dragon—The Queen’s Beasts series highlights the 10 beast statues that stood guard at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation June 2, 1953. These heraldic animals represent the different houses joining in Her Majesty’s royal ancestry. The 2017 release, The Dragon, is the third coin in this fascinating series. Representing sovereignty and power, a Queen’s Beasts Dragon would make an exciting coin gift to mark the next phase of your graduate’s life.
  1. Silver Statues—APMEX’s variety of Precious Metals items means you can mark your graduate’s accomplishment with an outstanding Silver statue. Whether your taste runs more toward a delicate patriotic piece such as the 5 oz Silver American Treasures Antique Lady Liberty or a fun and thrilling item like the 15 oz MK Barz & Bullion Silver Pirate Bust, there is something for everyone. Silver statues are especially touching gifts because they are sure to be displayed in their recipient’s personal space and will be a constant reminder of the one who presented it.
  1. Gold Money Clip—Young men are often left out when we think of beautiful and luxurious personal accessories. Show him your pride in his success with a special piece such as a solid Gold money clip made from .31 of an ounce of Gold. A young graduate will especially appreciate an everyday personal item to commemorate his achievement. In addition to being a daily reminder of your love and pride, a gift as special as a solid Gold money clip will likely become a treasured family heirloom.
  1. Silver Mexican Libertad—Mexican Libertads are among the most gorgeous and revered coins in the collecting and investing world. The stunning artwork makes owning these coins feel like owning an actual treasure. Silver Mexican Libertads are available in sizes from small fractionals for those with a limited budget to impressive 5 ounce pieces for those who want to make a splash. Of course, many Mexican Silver Libertads are also IRA eligible. If you were to guide your graduate in starting a Precious Metals IRA, you would be setting them on the path to later financial security. This makes the gift of a Mexican Silver Libertad not just a gift of Precious Metals, but a gift of wisdom, too.
  1. American Silver Eagle—The American Silver Eagle is one of the most popular Silver bullion coins in the world and enjoys a reputation for being among the most beautiful U.S. coins ever minted. The Silver American Eagle is legal tender at its face value and is the only 1 oz Silver bullion coin with weight, content and purity guaranteed by the government of the United States. A graduate of one of America’s fine military schools or academies might find a 2017 American Silver Eagle an especially poignant gift marking their tremendous achievement.
  1. Graduation Silver Rounds—Occam’s razor tells us the simplest solution is often the best, so consider marking your special young person’s accomplishment with a graduation Silver round! APMEX’s selection of graduation-themed Silver items includes fun colorized rounds to suit any taste or more traditional Silver coin gifts packaged in a graduation-themed holder.
  1. Silver Jewelry—Jewelry is always an appropriate gift for marking milestones. APMEX has a large selection of Silver Jewelry for both young women and young men on their graduation. From attractive everyday earrings to Silver bezels that will turn treasured coins into beloved jewelry, there is something to suit any young woman. For young men, you may wish to commemorate the fulfillment of his goal with a pair of Silver cuff links or a Men's Stainless Steel Silver American Eagle Watch. Any jewelry item is sure to become a treasured reminder of the joy you showed on your graduate’s big day.
  1. Gold Jewelry—To call something “the Gold standard” is to say it is the best. Along that same line, Gold Jewelry is often seen as the most prestigious of its type. To mark a major milestone like a high school or college graduation, Gold Jewelry is always an appropriate and lavishly appreciated gift. For both young men and young women, APMEX offers tasteful Gold pieces. We are pleased to stock beautiful Gold earrings, Gold pendants, Gold watches and Gold cuff links, among many other Gold jewelry items, and assure you there really is something for any young person you wish to gift with Gold Jewelry.

Graduations are major milestones in a person’s life. Show your pride in your grad with a gift from APMEX!

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