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A savvy collector or investor wants to keep up with the trends in Precious Metals. It’s exciting to know what items are piquing the interest of other serious investors and collectors. To that end, you are invited to browse APMEX’s Top Picks page, which features the best-selling items from our vast inventory. When something is sought, distinguished and selected by so many in-the-know shoppers, you can be assured it is a truly special item.

Naturally, since Top Picks features our best-selling pieces, you will find some of the most respected, most beautiful, most recognizable and most iconic coins, bars or rounds in the world. The Top Picks page is a true global tour featuring the best of the best. Trending now from North America are the 2017 1 oz Silver American Eagle, the Random Year 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf and the 2016 1 oz Silver Mexican Libertad. While all of these coins are extremely respected and attractive, the Mexican Libertad is renowned the world over for its striking beauty. The stunning artwork of the one-ounce Silver Libertad features the Mexican National Seal framed by various historical coats of arms on the obverse and the Angel of Independence, symbolizing Mexico’s independence from Spain, on the reverse. The Angel of Independence design on this remarkable coin is as lovely and moving as the famous Winged Triumph itself. It is no wonder the Mexican 1 oz Silver Libertad is an international best-seller among collectors and investors.

Trending among the offerings from Western Europe are the 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic, the Swiss Gold 20 Francs Helvetia and the 1 oz Lady Fortuna Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse. While each of these items boasts great respectability and recognizability, the PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar has that something extra to make it extremely desirable. Besides featuring positively gorgeous artwork, this Gold bar boasts PAMP Suisse's exclusive Veriscan® technology, which uses the metal's microscopic topography, similar to a fingerprint, to identify registered products. Each bar is scanned at production for that “fingerprint” and can then be authenticated in the Veriscan® database.  Of course, the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar  arrives in tamper-evident assay, but the security of Veriscan® technology is a true leap in Precious Metals identification that makes this item uniquely fascinating.

Other worldwide offerings currently among our Top Picks are the 2017 30 gram Silver Chinese Panda, the 2017 1 oz Gold Australian Kangaroo and the  1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand. All of these coins are icons of Precious Metals investing, but the Krugerrand maintains a special prominence among Gold coins. Introduced in 1967 as a means to facilitate private ownership of Gold, the Krugerrand was minted in a durable copper-Gold alloy rather than pure Gold. This provides its famously rich distinctive color.

APMEX’s Top Picks page gives you a glimpse into the interests and buying habits of your peers in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium collecting and investing. Taking time to understand trends in Precious Metals acquisition makes you a savvy buyer with the world at your fingertips.

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