That’s So Unusual: Unconventional Precious Metals Products

Coins, bars and rounds are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of Precious Metals meant for investors and collectors. That’s only natural, as those are the most recognized forms for Precious Metals being traded as commodities or investment products. But what if you could have Precious Metals that served as both tangible wealth and something else? Something like a personal accessory, a piece of art or a collectible oddity? You can. Among our immense inventory, APMEX stocks quite a few unconventional Precious Metals items meant to satisfy one’s desire for tangible wealth as well as their aesthetic taste.

Personal Accessories

Personal accessories such as jewelry or tie clips are nothing unusual in our day-to-day lives, but when you consider that a pair of modest Gold cufflinks contain around 7 grams of Gold, you may begin to look at personal accessories in a new light. A lady may prefer a sturdy Gold bracelet or a gentleman may choose a solid Gold money clip, but the potential to both own Gold and enjoy it every day does exist.

Decorative Items

The idea of a Silver statue may seem odd, but think of storing a bit of your Physical Silver not in a safe but on your desk or bookshelf. APMEX stocks a variety of Silver statues, ranging from playful dinosaurs or the art of Frank Frazetta to pieces from stunning Coins of the World collection. This is a way for your Silver to be displayed in your home for you to enjoy while also holding Precious Metal value, should you need it later. Silver statues present the best of both worlds for Silver investors.


Werewolves may be creatures of legend, but Silver bullets do exist. Replica Silver bullets, that is. APMEX is excited to offer ammo rounds in 1 oz (.45 Caliber), 2 oz (.308 Caliber), 5 oz (12 Gauge), 10 oz (.50 Caliber BMG), 25 oz (20 mm Cannon) and 100 oz (30 mm Cannon) sizes. Though these .999 fine Silver bullets appear to be an actual round of ammunition, they are not meant to be fired from any form of weaponry, but are certainly a fun way to acquire Silver bullion. Perhaps a little Silver skull is more your speed? If that’s too macabre and your taste runs more to cute items, we have an adorable hand poured penguin-shaped bar. It looks like an adorable charm or a good luck token, but it contains 1/2 ounce of .999 fine Silver.

Your Gold and Silver holdings are tangible wealth and important to your future financial security, it is true. However, that is no reason not to have fun with your Precious Metal acquisitions when you can and enjoy your Gold and Silver in your day-to-day life.

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