World’s Fair of Money Q&A with Ryan Boyles

Published on 09/07/2017 by APMEX

World’s Fair of Money Q&A with Ryan Boyles

The American Numismatic Association touts its annual World’s Fair of Money as the biggest, most educational coin show in the country. In 2017, the city of Denver, CO, played host to this event. Individual collectors and retail businesses, including APMEX, traveled from across the country and around the world to spend a week in the Mile High City browsing unique inventory and learning from industry leaders. We sat down with APMEX Director of Merchandising Ryan Boyles to talk about his time there.

What is the World’s Fair of Money?

“The World’s Fair of Money is the largest coin show in the country, put on by the American Numismatic Association, commonly referred to as the ANA. There is more than $1 billion worth of product at the show in just about every variety of coin or currency you can imagine, as well as dealers looking to find rare gems.”

Who all can you expect to see?

“There are dealers, vendors and mints from all over the world in attendance. Additionally, industry experts put on lectures and seminars throughout the week.”

How many APMEX employees go and what do they do while there?

“We had more than 20 employees attend this year in a variety of capacities. Our Numismatic team is there primarily to purchase product from dealers on the bourse floor and build relationships with the dealer community. Our Product Management team meets in person with world mints, private mints and wholesale partners to discuss upcoming product releases and how to improve the business going forward.”

How many years has APMEX attended? How many years have you personally attended?

“APMEX has been attending the World’s Fair of Money for 12 years. This was my fifth World’s Fair of Money, having previously gone to Chicago, IL, three times and Anaheim, CA, last year.  However, I have also attended the last four World Money Fairs, held in Berlin each February. The World Money Fair is a similar event, but on a much larger, international scale.”

What are some of the things you do while there?

“Our main objective is hitting the bourse floor meeting with hundreds of dealers and collectors, looking for product we believe our customers would be interested in adding to their collections. There were more than 1,400 booths this year, so there is almost never enough time to meet with them all, but our team does their best to search for great deals and help source product for our assortment of more than 14,000 in-stock products. This year we had face-to-face meetings with more than 60 mint, dealer and wholesale partners to discuss the state of the industry, growth opportunities, upcoming product launches and promotional event coordination. We also make sure to take time to see the host city with some of our partners at dinners and release events throughout the week.”

What is your favorite part of the World’s Money Fair?

“The Precious Metals industry is a great community of retailers, manufacturers, mints, dealers and wholesalers –it’s nice to see familiar faces at these events. It has been great to get to know many of them over the years and it really makes working in this industry a pleasure.”

We at APMEX always enjoy building relationships with both our customers and our vendors and we look forward to the incredible opportunity to spend time with everyone at the annual World’s Fair of Money. If you missed out on the 2017 show, be sure to look for APMEX in 2018!

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