Bust Half Dime (1794-1837)

Bust Half Dime (1794-1837)

The Bust Half Dime is the series of half dime pieces of United States coinage used in general circulation between 1794 and 1837.

There were several iterations of the Bust Half Dime, including the Draped Bust with small eagle reverse, the Draped Bust with heraldic eagle reverse and the Capped Bust.

Bust Half Dimes – What Are They Worth?

As with other Bust coins, the value of a Bust Half Dime widely varies based on the mintage year, type and condition. For example, a Capped Bust variety in Good condition dated 1829 may trade for about $35 whereas a Draped Bust type coin from 1796 in Uncirculated condition may trade for as much as $10,000. If you have a Bust Half Dime from a choice year, or a coin that seems to be in excellent condition, consider having your coin professionally graded by a coin grading service such as PCGS or NGC.

Coin grading companies like NGC and PCGS verify your coin’s authenticity and metal content with absolute certainty. They also minutely examine every detail of your coin, assigning it a grade based on its condition. When you invest time and resources into having a coin graded, you know you have the genuine article and you know its exact value if you ever wish to sell.

Bust Half Dime (1794-1837)

Value of Bust Half Dimes is Conditional

You can get a ballpark idea of how a given Bust Half Dime might be graded by performing a close examination of your coin yourself. Bust Half Dimes, like most coins, have a key detail that provides a good “rule of thumb” for estimating a grade at home. The stars on a Bust Half Dime’s obverse are a good starting point. If the stars show a great deal of wear and have little texture left, your coin may be in Good condition.

If the stars have wear, but still bear good texture and there is little-to-no discoloration, then your coin could potentially be in Fine condition. If the stars appear to be brand new and freshly struck with no visible imperfections, then you may have an Extremely Fine condition coin in your possession.


Bust Half Dime Overview

Some Bust Half Dimes are scarce today. These coins are quite small and were often lost out of circulation. Some were likely melted down for their Silver content, while others may be nearly or even totally unrecognizable from so many years of circulation wear and haphazard storage. The earliest varieties of these coins are likely more valuable than some later editions. Of course, many later iterations are also quite valuable and may prove difficult to acquire.

Bust Half Dime in the Future

Bust Half Dimes boast great historical significance and some are quite scarce. Together, these factors make Bust Half Dimes desirable to serious coin collectors. These coins have the potential to increase in value as they age. Further, they may become more difficult to find as time passes, which could significantly enhance their collectibility and value.

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