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NGC MS-70 ER Gold Eagles

The U.S. Mint’s Gold American Eagle coin series features the iconic Augustus Saint-Gaudens design of Lady Liberty used on $20 Gold pieces originally dated 1907-1933. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has graded these coins as a perfect Mint State-70 with the special Early Releases label, which adds to their increasing value over time. Gold American Eagle coins do not have limited mintages, but these examples have limited availability in this perfect-70 grade, allowing for a higher return on your investment in the future.

Investor Advantages:

  • The Gold Eagle is one of the most liquid, commonly recognized Gold government bullion coins in the world, minted since 1986.
  • The Gold Eagle features one of the most popular designs in American coinage, adapted from Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famed Gold Double Eagle design.
  • Only coins that are shipped by the mint within the first 30 days of release are eligible to receive the Early Releases label.
  • In 2016, just 1,868 coins from the total mintage of 817,500 1 oz Gold Eagles were given the perfect MS-70 Early Releases label.

Maximize Your Investments
NGC MS-70 ER Gold Eagles obverse

Enjoy Lasting Value From Gold Eagle Coins

Although American Gold Eagles have only existed for a few decades, the design that adorns them is far from new. The Lady Liberty image on the coins' obverse had its origins in 1907. The picture features Lady Liberty set against the glorious rays of the sun. In one hand she holds her torch, while the other hand carries an olive branch. Her hair flows gracefully in the wind. On the reverse of the coins, you will see a double eagle design, showing a male eagle approaching a female and her nest. Both images on the coin embody the ideals that are the cornerstones of the United States.

American Gold Eagles are the most popular Gold coins in the United States, and for good reason. These coins contain .9167 fine Gold, meaning they are a superb addition to any investment portfolio. The other alloys in the coins help keep them strong and beautiful. Furthermore, the MS-70 rating assures you that they are in perfect condition, a fact that bolsters the premium price on these already valuable coins. As with any Gold investment, the value of these pieces is likely to increase as the years go by.

Whether an investor or collector, you are sure to appreciate the value that comes from NGC MS-70 ER Gold Eagles from APMEX. These coins are all in MS-70 condition, which is the highest possible grade given in the coin industry. Furthermore, the Early Release designation means the U.S. Mint shipped these coins within 30 days of when they were first released.

These coins can complement other U.S. Mint treasures in your collection. Display them alongside your most iconic pieces, such as Gold Buffalos and any rare treasures you may have tucked away in your vault. Buy Early Release Gold Eagles to enjoy their aesthetic beauty and numismatic value.


Premium Appreciation Over Time

This Premium Appreciation Over Time matrix gives you a better idea of how the NGC MS-70 ER Gold Eagles are trending with approximate value increases.* The percentage of change is an indicator of increased value over time.

All premiums are dollars over the spot price.


The additional cost of a coin or bullion item, over and above the spot or metal price of the Precious Metal contained in the coin. The premium includes the costs of fabrication, distribution and a minimal dealer fee. Rare coins carry an additional premium representing numismatic value, which is based on scarcity, quality, demand and intangible factors.

Coin Premium Appreciation

Over time (usually at least 3-5 years after release), the premium of a particular coin may increase due to limited availability or other factors such as demand and quality of the coin.

Introductory Premium

APMEX’s initial premium above the spot or melt price at the time of a coin’s release.

Current Premium

The premium or additional cost of a bullion coin above and beyond the metal value of the Precious Metal it contains.

Buy Back Premium

The premium above spot or metal price that APMEX is currently paying to buy back a given item. These premiums are subject to change based on market conditions, inventory position, and quantity to be bought back.


Refers to the number of coins struck by a mint per release of a particular coin. This will vary by mint, year, design and size.


The total number of coins graded by a specific grading service for a particular coin, grade, and label combinations.


The total number of coins graded by a specific grading service for a particular coin, grade, and label combinations.

Grading and Warranties

Our company uses the numerical Mint State (MS) grading system, which rates uncirculated coins from MS-60 to MS-70.

Typically, the higher the grade, the better the quality of the coin and in turn, the higher the value. The grade assigned to a coin reflects its strike, luster, marks, scratches and overall eye appeal. Grading is a subjective art and depends on the opinion of the person grading the coin or currency. Thus, grading can and does vary from numismatic coin firm to numismatic coin firm, from grading service to grading service, and from expert to expert. A difference of one grade (e.g., MS-64 to MS-65) can result in a significant change in the valuation of a numismatic coin or currency. Grades and descriptions of numismatic coins and currency are opinions, not statements of fact or guarantees, and are based on standards and interpretations in place at the time of grading.

When you acquire a coin or currency from APMEX that is independently graded by a third-party grading service such as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), APMEX relies entirely on the expertise/determination of the grading service. In addition, we rely upon definitions provided by these independent grading services, including definitions of such terms as PCGS' "First Strike®" which refers to coins packaged and delivered by the U.S. Mint in the thirty (30)-day period following the initial sales date of a new product. We do not re-grade or independently evaluate the product's grade in its sealed holder. APMEX reserves the right to deliver independently graded coins that have been graded by an independent grading service of APMEX's choice such as PCGS or NGC. APMEX guarantees that the numismatic coins and Precious Metals it sells are genuine. APMEX expressly disclaims any other warranties with respect to coins or Precious Metals, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. See our User Agreement for a full disclaimer of warranties.

Premium Appreciation

You should know that different market factors may influence the price of a specific Precious Metal or the associated premium. For example, the price of a numismatic coin may be affected by such factors as grade, scarcity and marketplace demand, while the price of a bullion coin is closely tied to the spot price for the metal content of the coin as well as year-specific mintages. Past performance and growth projections for one type of Precious Metal may not apply to other types of Precious Metals that APMEX may offer.

Holding Period

Our experience suggests coins of specific quality or scarcity that have demonstrated historical premium appreciation tend to do so at least 3 to 5 years after the coin was produced. Market conditions and other factors will always impact the future value for coins, and therefore premium appreciation should never be considered to be guaranteed.

Our Prices

Our prices are set internally based upon our analysis of a variety of factors and are not necessarily tied to the prices quoted by any other organization. Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.
  APMEX acts as a dealer and generally owns the Precious Metals it buys and sells.


All investments involve risk and Precious Metals are no exception. The Precious Metals market is speculative, unregulated and volatile, and prices for these items may rise or fall over time.

APMEX generally classifies coins as bullion, semi-numismatic and numismatic. Some coins may fall within more than one category, depending on their specific grade or condition. Other dealers and organizations may define these terms or classify these coins differently.

Precious Metals generally have a premium above their melt value. Premiums may increase or decrease based upon current market conditions such as supply and demand. Changes in premiums may affect a Precious Metal’s pricing beyond changes in spot prices.

Precious Metals can go down as well as up in value. These items may not be suitable for everyone. APMEX does not determine the suitability of any specific person to purchase Precious Metals. You should consult with your independent financial advisor regarding whether such an investment is right for you. You should not acquire any products from APMEX if you are not competent or qualified to make your own financial decisions. You should obtain a thorough understanding of the Precious Metals products before you acquire these products as a collector or investor.

The investment value of Precious Metals depends in large part on the price you pay. If you are acquiring any of APMEX's products as an investment, you should evaluate its current market value, potential for appreciation and liquidity, and consult independent sources regarding these factors. APMEX does not guarantee that any client will be able to sell Precious Metals at the original purchase price or a higher price in the future.

APMEX is not responsible for any changes in tax laws or other statutes which may affect any profit or salability of your coins or currency.


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I bought this product because APMEX gave me a great deal on the 2014 MS-70 Gold Eagle. The purchase was quick and easy and as soon as my check cleared, they sent me my awesome coin, just like they said they would. And these days, trust is hard to find and earn. APMEX made it easy.
Blazing Eagles from Washington
Exceptional coin and experience! Excellent coin! I couldn't ask for anything better!
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