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Buying Gold and Silver from Online Dealers

For a long time, the only way for collectors and investors to purchase Precious Metals was to visit local coin shops. Precious Metals buyers now enjoy the security and convenience of online shopping for their coin collecting and investing needs. Reputable online retailers such as APMEX offer a far wider inventory and lower prices than a private shop ever could, and those are just two advantages among many to buying Precious Metals from a respected online dealer. While we may be prejudiced in favor of purchasing Gold and Silver and other Precious Metals online, we do feel logic is on our side. Let’s address the advantages, and acknowledge the disadvantages, of buying Precious Metals online.

Convenience of Buying Gold & Silver Online

The most prominent advantage to purchasing Gold and Silver online is the accessibility of the dealer and product. Unlike local shops or dealers, which necessarily restrict both when and where you shop, online dealers like APMEX allow you to select and purchase Precious Metal pieces any time, from anywhere, at your personal convenience. This kind of freedom not only saves you time, but increases your comfort. You can shop on your own sofa or at your own desk, and take as much time browsing as you would like. Which leads us to your shopping experience.

Online Shopping Experience

Sales associates are generally overworked and can, even with the best of intentions, become impatient with customers who are unsure as to what they want or are looking for. They may rush you as you browse or give your questions perfunctory answers. There are even salespeople who apply pressure, squeezing customers into making hasty or uninformed decisions. However, shopping online relieves all of this pressure. Without any sales associates hovering over you, you can browse at your own pace, avail yourself of our many educational articles or even live chat with customer support, allowing you to make more informed decisions that will satisfy your collecting or investing needs for the long run. We are here to help and guide, but not to pressure.

Buying Privacy

Another major advantage to purchasing your Gold and Silver collecting or investment products online is the privacy. Customers shopping at home make purchases and investments in complete privacy. This is a sharp contrast to what it means to shop in local store; anyone who sees you will be aware of the fact that you may possess a significant amount of Silver and Gold, and may surmise that you store it at home. Online purchases are also more private with regards to your personal information, because online dealers put tremendous effort and resources into safeguarding our customer’s information. Local coin shops may not have the expertise or resources to guarantee the same level of discretion and security with your personal and financial information.  


This is something fun. Online retailers of Gold and Silver, especially large and established companies like APMEX, tend to offer a far wider selection of Precious Metal products than any brick and mortar store could ever hope to. Because of a broad clientele base made up of thousands of different people with different needs and priorities, online dealers have the resources and the incentive to offer a huge variety of products. The rule of numbers tells us there will be someone interested in purchasing each item, no matter how esoteric. Small coin dealers, on the other hand, are forced to develop a limited selection based on the wants and needs of their much smaller base of regular customers and cannot afford to purchase products that, no matter how beautiful or interesting, may never sell. Online dealers also give you the benefit of a virtual storefront. APMEX, for example, has an endless number of web pages showing their products in exacting detail. Local coin shops are restricted to the square inches of the store’s actual display cases.

Competitive Prices

Online retailers are generally able to offer customers more competitive prices on their purchases than local Precious Metals dealers. Different to their storefront counterparts, online dealers typically are not hobbled by overhead. Further, online stores have the business volume that allows them to offer lower prices, and are able to offer volume-based pricing to customers as well.

Online Payment

Purchasing Gold and Silver from online retailers may allow you to use payment methods not accepted by local dealers. Such forms of payment can include personal checks, bank wires, Bitcoin, credit/debit cards and PayPal. Most local coin shops have limited resources and are only prepared to accept and cash or a traditional bank or credit card. These limitations can pose problems for those wishing to make a considerable investment. Many local coin shops do not have the skill or the time to process bank wires, nor do they typically accept checks in consideration of the attendant risk of fraud or insufficient funds.

Trust Your Precious Metals Dealer

There is a potential argument that buying Precious Metals online presents a disadvantage, since buyers cannot see and touch the item they wish to purchase before committing. Unfortunately, we must agree that there are less-than-reputable sites that may try to scam buyers. However, it must be noted that in some ways, purchases from online retailers are more secure than in physical shops. Online Precious Metals dealers like APMEX purchase directly from mints, assuring the authenticity of your coin or other Precious Metal item. Local coin shops tend to double as a pawn shop and may fail to verify a given piece’s provenance and authenticity. As a result, buyers could find themselves paying for counterfeit items. Besides, APMEX has a liberal return policy; if you are unhappy with the product you purchased for any reason whatsoever, APMEX will try to make it right for you. You needn’t commit to a specific piece until you get to see it and hold it.

Free Shipping Online

One of the only real disadvantages to purchasing physical Silver and Gold online is that it takes time for Precious Metals to be delivered. This period can range anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the item, and it may add shipping costs to your overall total. Buying Gold or Silver locally allows you to purchase your items and walk out of a store with it in your hand. Carrying your own purchases not only lets you see to their arrival at their intended destination personally, it also saves shipping and insurance fees typically charged by online dealers. However, APMEX does offer free shipping on all purchases over $99, which is a modest total for Precious Metal purchases.

Buying Gold and Silver Online

APMEX gives you all the advantages of online shopping, along with our unparalleled customer service. In fact, the company recently surpassed 68,000 individual customer reviews with an average review rating of 4.9 out of 5. Shopping with APMEX allows you to browse an enormous array of merchandise at your own pace, take advantage of our excellent educational materials so you know you are making an informed decision, and make your completely private and secure purchase from the comfort of home.

Buying Copper & Platinum Online

The growing popularity of collecting and investing in Gold and Silver means many customers are developing an interest in Copper, Platinum and Palladium pieces as well. We are proud to offer collectibles and investment pieces in these Precious Metals in addition to Gold and Silver. When purchasing these products from APMEX, clients enjoy the same benefits that they receive with their Gold and Silver purchases. Those wishing to obtain Copper, Platinum and Palladium pieces will notice there are many more options online than in any brick and mortar shop.

When you shop with a respected and reputable online Precious Metals retailer like APMEX, you can rest assured that your authenticated and carefully packaged investment or collectible item will arrive in a safe and timely manner. You will know that you are shopping with our unequaled customer satisfaction guarantee. If you would like further information regarding anything you’ve read here today, please contact us at 800.375.9006 or talk to our supportive, knowledgeable staff via live chat.

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