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History of the Engelhard Mint

In 1902, Charles W. Engelhard Senior took the Precious Metals world by storm when he purchased the Charles F. Croselmire Company in Newark, New Jersey. In 1903, he founded the American Platinum Works. A year later, Engelhard purchased Baker & Co., a Platinum smelting and refining business. In 1905, with the purchase of Hanovia Chemical and Manufacturing Company, Engelhard officially became the world’s largest refiner and fabricator of Platinum, Gold and Silver. It was the world’s largest Precious Metals smelter at the time.

In 1958, Engelhard’s son formed Engelhard Industries, Inc. by consolidating the family holdings. In 2006, BASF purchased Engelhard and began renaming Engelhard worldwide, starting with its presence in the United States.

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