Istanbul Gold Refinery Mint (IGR Mint)

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IGR Services

The Istanbul Gold Refinery is a well-established mint with a track record that speaks to their quick, secure services. The refinery can process up to two-and-a-half tons of Gold per day and up to 10 tons of Silver per week. IGR prides itself on speed: within 48 hours of an order, IGR will have weighed, melted and sampled its customer’s order. Each customer has crucibles dedicated entirely to their supplier’s material.

In addition to its minting services, IGR also provides expert analysis in its laboratory. Its assaying services monitor the quality of the metal throughout the minting process so the end result is always a top-notch Precious Metals product. The Istanbul Gold Refinery offers products that have helped set the standard of Gold quality. IGR has a long-standing history of being recognized around the world for high-quality Gold, as they are certified by the London Bullion Market Association, are the first refinery listed on the IGE and are authorized by the Turkish Treasury.

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