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Pobjoy Mint Technology

Pobjoy conducts every stage of coin production under rigorous security. Every step of the process is performed within the walls of the mint. First, Pobjoy workers design the coin. Then, they produce a plaster from large models. A positive impression is taken from the master and is sent to the die-cutting department. The die-cutting process takes up to 28 hours as it reduces the design to the correct dimension when transferred to a hub. Once in the hubbing stage, the image becomes a working die. Dies are hardened chemically and physically before they are ready for coining. Next, Gold or Silver blanks are cut into required shapes, washed and blanched before becoming coins stamped with the design.

Their long history of working with both commemorative coins and circulating coins means Pobjoy has the expertise to ensure that any type of coin is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Coins of every type undergo the highest levels of quality assurance so that Pobjoy Mint can deliver a premium product.

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