Istanbul Gold Refinery Mint (IGR Mint) Gold

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The Istanbul Gold Refinery

The Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) is an international presence in the Precious Metals industry. They have three offices, each with their own responsibilities:

  • Dubai - Also known as the IGR Precious Metals Dubai Multi Commodities Center, this office provides hedging services to international customers. It is also the trading desk of IGR Global and helps coordinate sales and marketing activities for the company as a whole. This office also handles business development with mining companies.
  • Frankfurt - The IGR Germany GmbH office collects Precious Metals scrap from the German market. It also offers melting and distribution services to both the German and the larger European market.
  • Madrid - IGR’s Spain office functions in much the same way as the Germany office, collecting Precious Metals scrap, offering melting services and distributing IGR Precious Metal products in Spain and neighboring countries.

IGR has earned its status as an LBMA Good Delivery refinery. It strives to be a one-stop trading house that is able to offer customers excellent value, top-notch service and outstanding products, regardless of their location.

Istanbul Gold Refinery Popular Products

Many of IGR’s most popular products are Gold bars. In addition to their Precious Metal products, IGR also offers its customers industrial metals ranging from wiring to labware.

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