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Gold American Eagle Coins

Gold American Eagle Coins
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Proudly Display and Securely Store Gold American Eagle Coins

Once you buy Gold American Eagle coins from APMEX, you may wonder about the best way to store these beautiful Gold coins. Home storage allows you to showcase your American Gold coins, making it easier to share your love of collecting and investing with family and friends. APMEX offers several different options for storing your coins, including attractive presentation boxes and velvet pouches.

Gold Bullion Coin Storage

For easier Gold bullion coin storage, APMEX offers cost-effective storage with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., managed by world security leader, Brink's. Your Gold American Eagle coins are kept safe from theft, damage and physical loss with this storage solution. When you buy Gold Eagle coins and other Gold bullion and store them with Citadel, the Gold coins stored in the vault are actually yours rather than only being represented as a value on paper, as many Precious Metal portfolios are based on Gold mining stocks. Your exact coins and other Precious Metals stored at Citadel can be retrieved from the vault and shipped to you whenever you want.

Store Your Gold American Eagles

What you store your Gold American Eagles and other Gold coins in is as important as where you store them. Whether you choose to buy 1/10 oz or 1 oz Gold coins, APMEX has a range of accessories such as coin storage albums and tubes. For single-coin storage, airtight holders that snap together are ideal for keeping Gold coins bright and shiny. If you want to keep your American Gold coins safer from environmental concerns, also consider Intercept Technology® Quadrum Coin Holders.

Gold American Eagle Storage

The best Gold American Eagle storage solution for you is dependent on your plans for the coins. Collectible Gold coins with intricate designs are often kept at home so investors can enjoy the beauty of these beautiful Gold coins. American Gold coins, whether 1 oz or 1/10 oz Gold coins, may be stored at third-party facilities for safer-keeping. No matter which storage option you choose, find the Gold storage and display accessories you need available at APMEX to keep your investments in pristine shape.

Where can I buy American Gold Eagle coins?

American Gold Eagle coins have been in high demand since their introduction in 1986, and are now among the most popular Gold coins in the world. APMEX offers a wide array of Gold American Eagle coins for your consideration.

Gold American Eagle Coin FAQ

What should I know before buying Gold Eagles?

When buying Gold Eagles, it is first and foremost essential to know the condition and the year of issue. If the coins have, for some reason, been circulated, it is also important to have them authenticated by a professional grading service. In addition to these specifications, it is useful to know some of the history that makes Gold Eagles worth buying. The 1 oz Gold American Eagle was released in 1986 but was a direct descendant of the $10 Gold coin authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792. The term “eagle” was used to describe a $10 coin. Therefore, the tradition of American Half Eagles and Double Eagles was born. The design on the new Gold Eagles you can buy today is inspired by the artwork used on the 1907 U.S. Gold coin.

Where do you buy Gold coins?

Anyone can buy Gold coins from APMEX because we make it simple and hassle-free. Many reputable retailers around the world sell different types of Gold coins, and it is imperative to research the seller before you make a purchase. American Gold Eagles are typically sold by authorized partners of the U.S. Mint, and APMEX is no exception. We guarantee quality and condition while making sure anyone buying from us fully understands the entire process. Our website contains thousands of pages of information regarding the value of coins, investing, and numismatics. From those buying Gold coins for the first time to investors who add American Eagles to their portfolio every year, APMEX makes it easy.

Who makes Golden Eagle coins?

The United States Mint is the sole producer of authentic Golden Eagle coins backed by the American government. American Eagle 1 oz Gold coins are struck exclusively at the West Point facility in New York. The mintmark on all uncirculated and proof quality Golden Eagles is “W.” The U.S. Mint has produced Eagle coins for many years, so older series, such as the Liberty Eagle or the Indian Gold Eagle, were produced elsewhere. While you may find the eagle motif used on bullion bars or reproduction coins made by private mints, only the U.S. Mint produces real Eagle coins made from .9167 fine Gold.

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