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1/2 oz Gold Eagles

1/2 oz Gold Eagles
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U.S. Mint Gold coins are in high demand, making these Gold coins a good investment.

Physical Gold, including 1/2 ounce Gold American Eagles and other U.S. Mint Gold Coins, remain a good investment over time, due to Gold’s practical value and usage and the demand this creates. This demand affects American Gold Coins and Gold coins from other mints around the world, because there is a limited supply for worldwide usage in mints and within industry, medicine, science and jewelry. Gold Coins, like Gold American Eagles, benefit from Gold’s longstanding position as an important Precious Metal over thousands of years. The demand for Gold, including 1/2 oz Gold Coins and Gold in all shapes and forms, has increased in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to the World Gold Council.

Gold Price Updates

Price dips, which influence 1/2 ounce Gold American Eagles and other weights of Gold coins, also contribute to the demand. People buy Gold, including American Gold Coins, to increase their Gold holdings while prices dip. Global investment demand for Gold, including Gold American Eagles, increased sharply in 2015. And bar and coin purchases, like 1/2 oz Gold Coins, were up by a third worldwide in third quarter 2014.

Gold Jewelry Sales

Jewelry demand also has an effect on the investment value of Gold, including 1/2 ounce American Eagles, other Gold coins and Gold bars and rounds from around the world. Return on investment in American Gold coins is positively influenced by the increased jewelry demand. Gold American Eagles and other Gold coins are a good investment because demand for Gold is on the rise. That drives up the price of Gold, which can increase the value of your Gold holdings.

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