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First Spouse Coins

First Spouse Coins
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First Spouse Coins are Symbolic of Nation's Freedom and Diversity

Many presidents have served with a wife. Each presidential spouse has a connection to our country's influence in fields that include medicine, law, military, fitness and education. The first spouses play an important role to the president and society at large. Despite their private role as spouse to the president, they garner specific identities including political activist, celebrity or hostess. The 1/2 Gold Spouse coins are reminders that first spouses play a bigger role than we believe. The United States Mint Gold coins are popular with investors and collectors. Since 2007, the first year of the First Spouse Gold coins being struck, it has garnered praise from all corners of the country. The commemoration of the first spouses is unique in and of itself. Many feats were made in their time and these coins perfectly pay tribute to their accomplishments.

Investors, collectors and history lovers can choose from a wide selection of Gold First Spouse coins. Available in backdated editions from 2007 to present year, the First Spouse Gold coins provide diversity to any investment portfolio or Precious Metals collection. These low mintage Gold coins bear the images of famous first wives such as Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Margaret Taylor and Mary Todd Lincoln, to name a few. With every year, there will be four more first wives honored on these Gold coins. Each First Spouse Gold holds tremendous value and is the United States Mint's only 1/2 oz .9999 fine Gold coin.

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