U.S. 2009 Double Eagle & High Relief American Liberty Gold Coins

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The Beauty of Ultra High Relief Coins

In 1907, Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed what would become a wildly popular coin: the Gold Double Eagle. His design was so loved it was recreated in 1986 for the U.S. Mint's Gold Eagle bullion series. The beautiful High Relief Gold coin is a triumph of design representing the culmination of a partnership between renowned artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens and visionary leader President Theodore Roosevelt.

High Relief American Liberty Gold Coins

The 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Eagle is a living resemblance of the original Gold Double Eagle design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The High Relief is achieved by using a thicker coin and a smaller diameter allowing for the field (background) to be concave, giving more space for a raised design. Although the dimensions are different than the standard 1 oz coin, this Ultra High Relief version still contains one full ounce of U.S. Mint Gold. This coin is a digitally reproduced version of Saint-Gaudens' original, never-circulated, Ultra High Relief 1907 Double Eagle Gold piece.

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