U.S. Gold Commemorative Arts Medals

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U.S. Commemorative Coins

Gold Commemorative coins come in a variety of designs allowing for a wide range of options when building a collection. Each coin depicts a piece of American history that keeps the memory of times gone by current and attainable to hold in our hands. These coins all contain U.S. Gold and make a great addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

The Gold Commemorative Coins are a living and current memorandum of the history of America. The products in this category are sought after by both investors and collectors alike for their unique designs and the value gained from their Gold content. Certified coins are rated using the Sheldon Grading Scale from 1 (barely identifiable) to 70 (absolute perfection). Each coin comes sealed and guaranteed to arrive in the condition you select.

The most popular items in this category are coins from a series issued by the United States Mint of 10 medals featuring notable American artists. The Gold Medals honored Americans who were distinguished contributors to the arts in several fields – music, painting, writing, architecture and theater. Purchase a specific coin representing a person important to American history or select the random option to receive coins of our choosing.
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