$5 Liberty Half Eagle Coins (1839-1908)

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× Proof - 64 Cameo × Ms-67 × 1904






$5.00 Liberty Half Eagles
These smaller denomination coins circulated widely throughout the United States. Additionally, these Liberty Half Eagle Gold coins have the distinction of being the only coin to be struck at all seven U.S. mints: Philadelphia, Dahlonega, Charlotte, New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City and Denver. These coins have resiliently survived the test of time and are now pieces of American history.

The obverse features the crowned image of Lady Liberty, while the reverse depicts the majestic American eagle with a shield over its breast with an olive branch and a cluster of arrows gripped in its talons. The Liberty Half Eagle was struck in two types that are both sought after by collectors and investors. These are the extremely rare “No Motto” version that was released from 1839-1865 and the “With Motto” version that was issued from 1866-1908.

These coins were minted and distributed as currency before President Franklin Roosevelt required Americans to turn in their Gold coins to be melted into bars to help combat the Great Depression. The recall of Gold made these coins that were previously very common, a rare find. $5 Liberty Half Eagles are some of the Pre-1933 U.S. Gold that are some of the most desirable coins to collectors and investors. Liberty $5 Gold coin values will vary by year, but the investment will be worth it.
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