California Territorial & Fractional Gold Coins

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California Fractional and Territorial Gold

Produced from 1849 to 1889, these Gold Coins were the smallest denomination of Gold currency ever produced by the U.S. Mint. Also, because of Gold's high value, these are physically the smallest coins in the history of U.S. coinage. Their small size makes them easy to store multiples of and are also a favorite to be made into jewelry.

Fractional Gold is a unique purchase and would be a great addition to any coin collection. California Fractional Gold comes in quarter, half dollar and dollar denominations in circular and octagonal coins. These coins usually come in protective slabs with many being certified by PCGS or NGC to further enhance their collectibilty.

The recall of Gold during the Great Depression makes these coins a rare find. The surviving coins are sought after by collectors and investors alike. If California Fractional and Territorial Gold Coins are something you are interested in, check back with this category as new items will be added to the page when we get them in stock.
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