Canadian Gold Vintage Coins

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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Vintage Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint was formed in 1908 and is a world leader in producing high-quality circulating coinage. All vintage Gold coins in this category were minted prior to 1967 and feature a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, George VI, Edward VII, George V, Edward VII or Victoria. We offer a variety of Gold coin grades and conditions so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Vintage Gold coins have a rich history and these stunning designs depict some of the country's historic eras. For example, consider Canadian Gold coins from the Centennial proof set, which includes all seven vintage coins from 1967 ranging in denomination from one cent to the Silver dollar and the $20 Coat of Arms Gold coin. Centennial Gold Canadian Coins beautifully display many of the region's native animals on the reverse. You will also find vintage Gold coins dating back to 1912 featuring the Canadian coat of arms and King George V.

Vintage Gold coins offer a variety of options to commemorate Canada's rich history. Canadian Gold coins retain the valuable price of Gold, such as the $10 reserve vintage Gold coins that are priced significantly over their original 1913 face value, attesting to the true Gold value in these beautiful coins. More affordable vintage coins can be found in the sovereign vintage Gold coin series, which depict King George V on the obverse and St. George slaying a dragon on the reverse, which first appeared on British coinage in 1817. Striking vintage coins honoring Canadian history can be purchased even on a tight budget, making these Royal Canadian Mint coins must-haves.

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