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China 1 oz - 30 gram Gold Pandas

China 1 oz - 30 gram Gold Pandas
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Gold Pandas Collectibility

The Gold Pandas enjoy enormous popularity across the globe because of their unique designs and their ability to appreciate. In 2016, the People's Bank of China decided to switch to the metric system, so the coins are labeled as 30 gram Gold coins instead of 1 oz Gold bullion. This does not change their value or collectibility, but since this was the first year of the change, the 2016 Gold Pandas could prove more valuable than other iterations.

You can collect Chinese Silver coins as well as their Gold counterparts to create a full collection. Display your Gold Pandas handsomely in a presentation box or browse the Silver Panda display boxes to show off your collection. Try collecting all of the Gold Pandas and Silver Pandas to create a truly spectacular inventory.

Investing in Gold Panda Coins

Collectors love the Gold Pandas, but so do investors. If you are investing in Gold bullion, do not pass over the Pandas. They appreciate slowly over time, so they are an excellent choice for young investors and they are easily stored for safekeeping. As long as Gold has been desired around the world, the Precious Metal has never fully lost its value and has in fact grown immensely over the years. Your collection of Gold coins could likewise prove immensely more valuable in the near future than it is today. You can sometimes sell your coins at a much larger premium, thereby protecting your wealth and putting away money for the future.

Whether you are beefing up your Precious Metals investment portfolio or collecting beautiful coins for your own amusement, do not disregard Gold Pandas. They are an excellent choice for Gold Bullion because of their annual design changes and their beautiful craftsmanship. You can get free shipping and excellent value on Gold Pandas at APMEX.

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