Chinese 1 oz and 30 gram Gold Panda Coins

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China 1 oz Gold Panda BU (Random Year, Not Sealed)
China 1 oz Gold Panda BU (Random Year, Not Sealed)
$1,907.79 $1,917.79
Any Quantity
Quantity Check/Wire
1 - 9 $1,917.79
10 - 19 $1,912.79
20 + $1,907.79

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The Gold Pandas enjoy enormous popularity across the globe because of their unique designs and their ability to appreciate. In 2016, the People's Bank of China decided to switch to the metric system, so the coins are labeled as 30 gram Gold coins instead of 1 oz Gold bullion. This does not change their value or collectibility. The Gold Pandas are legal tender in the People's Republic of China and are currently issued in face value denominations of 500, 200, 100, 50 and 20 yuan.

The Gold Pandas were first minted in 1982 in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz coins. In 1983, they introduced the 1/20 oz sized coins. Some years also include 5 oz and 12 oz Gold coins. In 2016, Each year, the design of the panda changes making them highly collectible. The only year they did not change design was 2002, which used the same design as 2001. Collectors spoke up about this halt in the design changes, and the annual design changes resumed in 2003.

The People’s Republic of China issues and guarantees the quality of each Gold Panda coin. Gold Panda coins are minted from several mints each year. Those mints include but are not limited to Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenyang. Unlike the U.S. Mint, these Chinese Mints do not incorporate mint marks to distinguish the difference between each mint every year. Some years such as 1987 do feature a “Y” mint mark or “S” mint mark. The mints are also known for having minor differences in the design of the coin such as font size, small date, large date and designs of the temple in certain year’s mintages. With the annual change in design, and unique mint variations, the price of Gold Pandas has appreciated over time making them highly sought after by collectors and investors.

1 oz Chinese Gold Panda BU Coin Mintage Figures

The People's Republic of China introduced the Gold Panda BU coins in 1982. The following are the mintages for 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda BU coins:

1982 Chinese Gold Panda - 13,532
1983 Chinese Gold Panda - 25,363
1984 Chinese Gold Panda - 25,183
1985 Chinese Gold Panda - 55,539
1986 Chinese Gold Panda - 107,132
1987y Chinese Gold Panda - 47,000
1987s Chinese Gold Panda - 84,000
1988 Chinese Gold Panda - 289,055
1989 Chinese Gold Panda - 115,187
1990 Chinese Gold Panda - 53,898
1991 Chinese Gold Panda - 36,367
1992 Chinese Gold Panda - 41,120
1993 Chinese Gold Panda - 40,449
1994 Chinese Gold Panda - 24,438
1995 Chinese Gold Panda - 17,412
1996 Chinese Gold Panda - 22,009
1997 Chinese Gold Panda - 30,457
1998 Chinese Gold Panda - 20,507
1999 Chinese Gold Panda - 32,439
2000 Chinese Gold Panda - 29,011
2001 Chinese Gold Panda - 41,411
2002 Chinese Gold Panda - 28,345
2003 Chinese Gold Panda - 36,300
2004 Chinese Gold Panda - 55,000
2005 Chinese Gold Panda - 50,300
2006 Chinese Gold Panda - 115,600
2007 Chinese Gold Panda - 150,000
2008 Chinese Gold Panda - 150,000
2009 Chinese Gold Panda - 150,000
2010 Chinese Gold Panda - 150,000

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