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South African Gold Krugerrand Coins

The Gold Krugerrand is prized around the world, with a highly sought-after design inspired by history. They feature the South African Republic's first president, Paul Kruger. On the reverse, a springbok, which is the national animal, and the date of minting appear. On the Krugerrand Gold coin, the springbok seems to be jumping into action, while President Kruger is a reminder of 19th century South African political and military affairs.

1 oz Gold Natura Coins

In 1994, the South African Mint began the new Gold Natura series. The first five years of the series are known as the "Big Five," as they depict South Africa's most famous animals: the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Following those five years, there have been a variety of themes such as "Monarchs of Africa" or "Giants of Africa." Each year, one design is released in different sizes.

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