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South African Mint 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrands

South African Mint 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrands

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The history of 1/4 oz Krugerrands

1/4 oz Krugerrands from the South African Mint are only a small portion of the total Gold produced from South Africa, one of the world’s largest Gold producers. South African Krugerrands are iconic coins produced from the great store of Gold first discovered in South Africa in 1886. Before these South African Gold coins, South Africa was a poor country but after Gold was discovered in Witwatersrand in 1886, it quickly became the richest Gold mining area in the world. Led by the Krugerrand, South Africa was the world’s largest Gold producer until 2006 when China took over that title, though Gold still is central to the South African economy today.

Why invest in 1/4 oz Krugerrands?

1/4 oz Krugerrands are a great choice for new investors in the market for Gold coins backed by the South African Government. These fractional South African Krugerrands make it easier for new investors, and those with smaller budgets, to obtain South African Gold at an affordable price. By purchasing these South African Gold coins incrementally over time, you can build your portfolio without worrying about overwhelming your budget. The Krugerrand, like many Gold coins, has performed well historically, so many investors consider it a smart way to balance your portfolio.

Add 1/4 oz Krugerrands to your Gold coin collection featuring South African animals.

Once you purchase these 1/4 oz Krugerrands, consider expanding your coin collection with other Gold coins featuring South African animals. In addition to South African Krugerrands, the South African Mint also produces the Gold Natura series, which depicts South Africa’s most famous animals, the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Many who collect South African Gold coins, also include in their collection Gold coins from the Gold Reptiles of South Africa series such as the Gold 1/10 oz Crocodile coin. Like the Krugerrand, which features the springbok antelope, animal imagery is central to several South African coins, so browse the inventory at APMEX and add to your collection.

Store and protect 1/4 oz Krugerrands properly to avoid unnecessary damage to your investment.

While 1/4 oz Krugerrands are typically easier to store and protect because of their size, make sure to take the proper steps to keep them in the best condition possible. Find tubes for 1/4 oz South African Krugerrands to store your specific coins safely like the 1/4 oz 50-coin Gold Krugerrand coin tubes. To keep your South African Gold coins free from tarnish, buy silica gel dehumidifier crystals to remove harmful moisture from the storage containers. After you buy this Krugerrand, check out all the storage products available at APMEX to protect your investment.

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