South Korea Gold Series (Chiwoo Cheonwang, Tiger & ZI:SIN)

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Chiwoo Cheonwang Gold Series

The thrilling Chiwoo Cheonwang Gold series from South Korea is the very first South Korean Gold bullion series and also marks the introduction of a measurement of value for South Korea, called a “CLAY.” KOMSCO, the official South Korean mint, produces Chiwoo medals in limited mintages which further adds to their collectibility.

Chiwoo Cheonwang

You may not recognize the name Chiwoo Cheonwang but he was an influential figure in Chinese and Korean history circa 2600 B.C. Many of his deeds have been transformed over the years into mythological stories of power and magic. We know the real Chiwoo Cheonwang was a tribal leader of the Nine Li tribe in ancient China and his strong leadership led to him being worshiped as the God of War and honored as one of the three legendary founding fathers of China.

Gold Coins from South Korea

Korea Minting and Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation, better known as KOMSCO, is the sole currency manufacturer for the Republic of South Korea. In addition to producing well-known Gold bullion products such as the Chiwoo Cheonwang, South Korean Tiger and ZI:SIN, KOMSCO also produces all circulating coins and currency used in South Korea.
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