Medieval Coins (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

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Leo III would be crowned King as a Child during a difficult era in the history of the Kingdom of Armenia. He would be murdered at 18 by assassins while tra....
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Ancient Indian coinage from the Mauryan Empire founded after the death of Alexander the Great. The empire stretched from Iran to Afghanistan at its peak po....
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Medieval Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins

The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 starting the Dark Ages which would see the breakup of the territories of the Roman Empire into a number of petty Kingdoms. These Germanic successor states would mint a number of Gold coins in the style of the Roman counterparts and would circulate widely into the early Middle Ages playing an important commercial and economic role in the early period. This period would see the rise of many great Kingdoms including the French under Charlemagne and the early English dynasties of the Anglo Saxons.

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