Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars & Rounds

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A cost-efficient and attractive way to acquire Gold bullion, this hard to find 500 gram (16.077 oz) Gold bar is from Argor-Heraeus Precious Metals Refiner....
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Fine Selection of Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars and Gold Rounds

There is a variety of sizes from which to choose, giving investors options. Perfect for investors of all levels, Argor-Heraues Gold adds quality to any portfolio. Starting as small as 1 gram Gold and as high as 1 kilo Gold, investors have several options on hand. The traditionally sized 1 oz Gold bars are popular and available for purchase as well. Regardless of the direction you choose, each refined Gold bar and refined Gold round from Argor-Heraeus will be of high quality.

Investors can get creative with their purchases with a selection of 10x 1 gram Gold bars or 5x 1 gram Gold bars. For the more experienced investor, the 500 gram Gold bar and 1 kilo Gold bar provide investors with a unique size to complement any portfolio. Buy Argor-Heraeus Gold and enjoy one of the finest refined Precious Metals today.

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