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PAMP Suisse (Gold Bars & Rounds)

PAMP Suisse (Gold Bars & Rounds)
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Enjoy the rich history of PAMP Suisse Gold.

PAMP Suisse Gold bars are minted by Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux (Artistic Precious Metals Products), headquartered in Switzerland and known around the world as a trusted refiner and fabricator. PAMP ensures each bar of Gold meets the highest standards, with stringent verification of suppliers' ethics and the origin of the materials. As a result, you know your Gold bullion investment in PAMP Suisse is of the highest quality, with 450-metric tons of Gold refined each year at PAMP. The PAMP Suisse 1 oz Gold bar is just one of many investment-grade choices at APMEX, where we know the value of Gold investments.

In addition to PAMP Suisse Bars, APMEX also has beautiful PAMP Suisse Gold Pendants that feature stunning designs and .9999 pure, fine Gold. The value of Gold in these pendants is enhanced by beautiful themes, such as animal skins, flowers and other nature designs. In our bar of Gold collection, we also have a variety of other desirable 1 oz Gold bars that will boost your Gold bullion investment.


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