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1 oz (Bullion Gold Bars & Rounds)

1 oz (Bullion Gold Bars & Rounds)
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1 oz Gold bars and other Gold bullion are hard to counterfeit thanks to the weight of Gold.

The authenticity of Gold bars is of the utmost importance. Gold by the ounce is extremely difficult to fake, because Gold is denser than almost all other metals so it is easily identifiable by weight and volume. If a 1 oz Gold bar was mixed with a large quantity of another metal, the weight would give it away instantly. A 1 ounce Gold bar is highly unlikely to be counterfeited, so why the concern and extra security by companies like PAMP Suisse?

Some 1 oz Gold bars can be tampered with, but it is often larger Gold bars that are counterfeited. Gold by the ounce can be counterfeited with two relatively inexpensive metals of similar weight to Gold – depleted uranium (government regulated and difficult to obtain) or tungsten (more widely available and suited for counterfeiting). Gold bars with Tungsten wrapped in Gold are the most prevalent method. That is why each 1 oz Gold bar and bars of other weights purchased from APMEX are quality guaranteed and authenticated. Buy Gold from APMEX, the largest and most-trusted source in Precious Metals.


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