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2016 Silver Eagle Coins

2016 Silver Eagle Coins
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Best Investments for 2016

Not only are these Silver Coins one of the best investments for 2016, they are appreciated by numismatists. Collectors adore 2016 American Silver Eagles for their classic design and beauty. These collectible American coins pay tribute to Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins by featuring the same Walking Liberty design on their obverse side. U.S. Silver coins popular among many collectors, American Silver Eagles and Walking Liberty Half Dollars are prized for this stunning depiction of Lady Liberty created by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. No Silver coin collection is complete without these Silver coins.

Order the 2016 American Silver Eagle, and you, too, can enjoy viewing the work of this esteemed sculptor. Compare these collectible American coins with Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles, and you may just see the influence coin designer, sculptor and teacher Augustus Saint-Gaudens had on his pupil, Weinman. The U.S. Silver coin and the U.S. Gold coin both characterize Lady Liberty walking in a flowing gown with her arm outstretched and sunbeams emanating from behind her. Both the Silver coin and the Gold coin are works of art that you are sure to treasure.

2016 American Silver Eagles and Walking Liberty Half Dollars are not the only U.S. Silver coins to feature the work of Weinman. The collectible American coin known as the Mercury Dime also includes an adaption of his classic Walking Lady Liberty design. This U.S. Silver coin features a rendition of Lady Liberty’s head rather than the full body depiction seen on the 2016 American Silver Eagle. Collecting Silver coins based on who designed them is a fun way to see how one person’s artistic view can influence the look of Silver bullion coins.

After ordering the 2016 American Silver Eagle, scan the U.S. Silver coins available at APMEX to continue your Silver coin collecting. Buy American collectible coins such as the Peace Dollar designed by sculptor Anthony de Francisci, and continue to learn about the artists who designed the most popular coins in U.S. history. Browse our Commemorative U.S. Silver coins to collect the work of other noted modern artists to round out your collection. With these Gold and Silver coins, you will know from experience that these coins are not only wonderful pieces of art, but also great conversation starters.

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