Classic U.S. Silver Commemorative Coins (NGC Certified)

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NGC Certified Classic U.S. Silver Commemorative Coins

APMEX offers a superb selection of Certified Classic U.S. Commemorative coins (1892 - 1954). For your convenience, the coins are listed by date and then alphabetically.

Classic U.S. Commemorative Coins were minted to commemorate important events and noteworthy people in American history. 50 different issues of commemorative coins were issued between 1892 for the World's Columbian Exposition and 1954 for Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. The complete set has 144 different date and mintmark combinations. Many collectors succeed in completing either or both of these important collections.

Some of the nation’s greatest sculptors – Charles Barber, George Morgan, James Earle Fraser – all designed early U.S. commemorative coins. Many collectors consider these coins as some of the most beautiful designs our nation has ever issued. Please enjoy our selection of classic commemorative coins certified by major grading services.

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