Canadian 2 oz & 10 oz Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins

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Royal Canadian Mint Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins (Other Sizes)

The Royal Canadian Mint is known for their craftsmanship and beautiful designs, but they have added to their appeal by creating uniquely sized Silver coins, including these other sized Silver commemorative coins. The uncommon sizes add visual interest to any Silver coin collection. The Royal Canadian Mint has struck and minted some of the most popular coins ever collected or invested. The stunning beauty of the Canadian Silver commemorative coins provides an excellent addition to any collection.

Each Royal Canadian Mint Silver coin contains .9999 fine Silver, a finely struck use of pure Silver. Their added collectible appeal added with their high Silver content, make these other sized Silver commemoratives have high intrinsic Silver value. It is evident why the Royal Canadian Mint produces the best and most beautiful bullion coins in the world. The price point makes it a unique item on which to purchase because it offers a different valued price point for beginning and experienced collectors.
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