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Canadian 1.25 oz Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins

Canadian 1.25 oz Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins

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Fair Price Points Make Great Investment Opportunities for 1.25 oz Silver Coins

Whether you are new or experienced to Precious Metals collecting the fair price points for the 1.25 oz Silver commemorative coins make it appealing to all. Unique sizes make great additions to any collection because it offers something different from traditionally-sized coinage, giving it more range. The 2015 Canada 1.25 oz Silver $8 Bison is one of the newer 1.25 oz Silver bullion coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. It commemorates one of the most majestic and honored animals in the wilderness.

With a unique size of 1.25 oz, the mintage is fewer than that of the 1 oz sizes. When adding the fair price point of Silver for each of these coins, you have a collection that can be balanced, unique and diverse. Buy 1.25 oz Silver coins from APMEX today and make a great investment to your collection.

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