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Star Trek Series

Star Trek Series

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2016 Star Trek Coins Add Uniqueness to any Silver Collection

Star Trek had one of the longest runs in American television history, starting in 1965 and running for 80 episodes across three seasons. It single-handedly changed how television shows were done and it ushered in a pop culture icon that people of all ages can appreciate today. A Star Trek 50th anniversary coin is here for you. The Royal Canadian Mint has produced some of the finest Silver coins in the world today and these 50th anniversary Star Trek coins are no different. Honor Star Trek and all of its splendor today with these highly collectible Star Trek coins.

These Star Trek series include Silver coins in fractional sizes as well, providing more purchasing options for collectors. Sizes include the1/4 oz Silver Enterprise and the 1/2 oz Silver Scotty Proof. Beginner and experienced collectors can enjoy the great addition of these Silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.

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