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2020 Mexico 1/10 oz Silver Libertad BU
2020 Mexico 1/10 oz Silver Libertad BU
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The impressive Silver Libertad is just one of many beautiful Mexican Silver coins minted in Mexico. Established in 1535 by a decree from the Spanish Crown, Casa de Moneda de México has been producing beautiful Gold and Silver coins ever since. Now, in addition to circulating coinage, the Mexican Mint also produces gorgeous Silver commemorative coins.

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The Mexican Mint Silver coins in the Aztec collection feature a limited mintage of stunning coins depicting the iconic symbols of the ancient civilization. These Mexican Silver Aztec coins depict the Sun Stone, commonly known as the Aztec Calendar, on the reverse, and the Mexican National Seal on the obverse. Equally impressive, the Silver Mexican Libertad, initially minted in 1982, tells the pre-Columbian story of a strapping warrior named Popocatépetl who fell in love with Iztaccíhuatl. The Mexican Silver coin displays the star-crossed lovers’ story on the reverse and the Mexican National Seal on the obverse.

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