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Pirate Themed & Under The Sea Coins

Pirate Themed & Under The Sea Coins
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History of Pirate Coins

Stories of pirates and the adventures on the high seas have braced our night-time storytelling for generations. From the stories of daring raids to bravery on the seas, tales of pirates and their adventures stick with us and have become commonplace in many homes all over the world. Many stories associated with pirates relates to the Gold and Silver stores. Precious Metals are synonymous with any good pirate story and each of them provide a lasting nuance to the storytelling. Some stories are true, however. Pirates had stores of Gold and Silver booty that could weigh as heavy as a 10 tons on any one ship. Pirates collected the booty from port to port and conquest to conquest as either trade bartering or simple thievery.

Pirate coins come in many shapes and sizes. It is very rare that any of them maintain the same shape or weight. Pirates pillaged or stole from other ships and towns to complete or add to their collection. History states that pirate coins were taken from China, African, Australia, Spain and Portugal. Many pirate coins are considered ancient because of the country of origin where they found the Precious Metals. These coins are the perfect glimpse into history not because of the amount of Gold or Silver they had, but rather because of the stories behind the coins and the pirates that owned them. Thousands of stories regale of the swashbuckling fiends on the high seas, but you will rarely hear a pirate story without mentioning Gold or Silver booty. Buy pirate-themed coins from APMEX today and add to your Precious Metals collection.

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