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U.S. Coin Replica (Silver Rounds)

U.S. Coin Replica (Silver Rounds)
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1 - 19 $17.34
20 - 99 $17.04
100 - 499 $16.74
500 + $16.34

Timeless Designs Add Value for any Silver Collection

Silver replica rounds of any size are an excellent way to invest in pure Silver while avoiding the premiums on legally-tendered Silver bullion. These Silver U.S rounds are easily bought, stacked and counted adding a historical touch to your Precious Metals collection. U.S. Silver replica coins are a popular item among new and experienced collectors because of the historical significance and the beauty and appreciation of the design.

The varied historical Silver replica coins include the highly popular Mercury Dime. This coin is the most recognized in American coinage history. Coming in fractional rounds, it is a good way for novice collectors to own Silver at a much lower price point. Other popular designs include the Incuse Indian, once minted between 1908 to 1929. Buyers and purchase these products at fractional sizes including 1/10 oz Silver rounds up to 1/2 oz Silver round.

Sizes of the replica coins come in as small as 1/10 oz Silver up to 5 oz Silver. These sizes give collectors options with purchasing Silver at various low price points. APMEX makes it easy to buy Silver by offering competitive Silver prices on all Silver rounds. Buy your Silver rounds today.

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