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Fractional Hand-Poured Silver

Fractional Hand-Poured Silver

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Unique Hand Poured Bullion With Sizes that Will Add a New Dimension to Your Collection

Silver from Bison Bullion is popular because of its unique shapes and designs for their bullion. They have produced high quality hand poured Silver for years. They are highly sought after by collectors and investors all over the world. Silver bars from Bison Bullion come in different sizes so collectors can either be introduced to collecting with the lower price points or diversify their collection.

High valued Bison Bullion Silver comes in 1 oz Silver hand poured bars to 100 oz Silver hand poured bars. Other than standard 1 oz Silver bars, a popular size is 5 oz Silver. The selection is unlike any selection you will find anywhere else. 5 oz Silver hand poured bullion come in shapes like a gun, Indian chief, owl maiden and a warrior. The uniquely sized hand poured Silver bars from Bison Bullion are a creative asset that are worth their weight in Silver. Buy Silver bars and rounds from Bison Bullion at APMEX today.

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