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Morgan Silver Dollars are valuable beyond their Silver content because of their rarity and popularity with collectors. Morgan Silver Dollar coins are also popular thanks to their iconic Lady Liberty design. In most cases, uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars will be more valuable than other coins that have been circulated. There are exceptions to this rule, however, since certain series of U.S. dollar coins are more collectible than others. Much of this depends on the current market, and how strong the demand is for Morgan coins.

Unlike the rest of the Morgan series, the 1921 issues are significant because they were the only year the Morgan Silver Dollar was produced at the Denver branch of the U.S. Mint. The Denver Mint Morgan Dollar was minted for only one year - 1921, the last year of production for the series. This piece of history makes the coin highly desired by collectors, frequently selling for a premium price. 1921 Morgans were also minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco Of course, Brilliant Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars from this year are worth a great deal to many collectors.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Figures

1921 Morgan Silver Dollars were minted in three places: Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver.
  • 1921 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollars - 44,690,000
  • 1921 San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollars - 21,695,000
  • 1921 Denver Morgan Silver Dollars - 20,345,000

History of 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar

While the series started many years earlier in Philadelphia, the 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar was made exclusively in Denver, Colorado. This series of Morgan Dollars was the first since 1904, and also the last one ever authorized by the government. The Denver Mint was opened in 1906 and is an official branch of the United States Mint. All coins struck by the Denver Mint include the mint mark “D,” whether they are intended for circulation or as commemorative pieces. It is estimated that the Denver Mint is the largest coin-producing facility in the world. Many collectors consider the 1921-D Silver Dollar to be a must-have, because of the unusual history behind the coin. Visitors to Colorado can tour the Denver Mint today, and learn even more about the story of mining and coin making in the region.

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